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Jack Wolfskin

Since 2020, Jack Wolfskin has successfully shared engaging outdoor content on komoot. The cross-media campaigns are integrated and communicated in the stores as well as on campaign landing pages.

Grüner Schein


To raise brand awareness, increase relevant reach with different target groups and activate the community. 

Tactics since 2020

  • 12 Collections
  • 566 Tours
  • use komoot as a marketing channel for staging the brand and storytelling



just under 10,000 followers
in 2022 – 9.3 million views
since 2020 approx. 16 million views
Grüner Schein

Result top level

Jack Wolfskin inspires komoot users with outdoor content in unusual regions. This is very well received by the community. Some Collections received up to 1,000 likes.

  • komoot as a marketing channel in cross-media campaigns
  • activation of komoot users
  • integration of audiovisual media on komoot
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Grüner Schein
Grüner Schein

For our brand staging, we rely on cross-media storytelling that focuses on outdoor adventures. Komoot is the perfect channel to inspire and activate the relevant target group with our content.

Sina Caps-Summa
Senior Brand Media ManagerJack Wolfskin
Grüner Schein

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