In 2018, an initial exchange of ideas took place at ITB. The launch of the cooperation followed in 2020 for the long-distance travel promotion implementing Sponsored Collections. Since then, Éislek relies on using the content on its partner profile for user-friendly 360° visitor guidance.

Grüner Schein


Visitor guidance by linking the analog and digital infrastructures. Ensure efficient use of outdoor content. Provide content in their native language to international guests.


  • 218 Tours
  • 14 self-generated Collections
  • Over 40 implemented QR codes
  • Languages: DE, EN, FR, NL



4 % click-through rate on average
8.6 viewed Tours on average
45.8 % interaction rate
Grüner Schein


Best orientation for guests of Éislek: 360° visitor guidance by linking the analog and digital infrastructure. One content delivered in several languages guarantees that guests can easily use the content in their native language.

  • Increase efficiency by using the partner profile as content hub
  • Linking analog and digital infrastructure
  • Smooth guest experience from online research to on-site search due to several thousand QR code scans
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Grüner Schein
Grüner Schein

As the first leading hiking region in Europe, we communicate our hiking trails as guest-friendly as possible. We use komoot for 360° visitor guidance. QR codes in brochures and on signage link analog and digital infrastructures. In this way, we get the most out of just one data source.

Tim Schnelke
Project Manager LEADER ProjectÉislek
Grüner Schein

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