Ciclovia dei Parchi Calabria

After initial talks in summer 2020, four themed Collections were published in spring 2021. The campaign ran until the end of the year and gained millions of views in the relevant target group. The project received the Italian Cycling Tourism Oscar (Italian Green Road Award) for its promotion of sustainable tourism in four protected areas.

Grüner Schein


Generate attention for the new project and establish reach in the German-speaking market.

Tactics in 2021

  • 4 Collections
  • 16 Tours
  • Year-round campaign (April to December)



2.3 million views in Germany, Switzerland & Austria
845 users saved the Collections or shared them with friends
over 1,000 leads
Grüner Schein

Result top level

The then-new offer "Ciclovia dei Parchi della Calabria" attracted attention and activated the community on komoot. Currently, those responsible are building content in the partner profile for active followers as well as potential new visitors.

  • present a new tourist offer in komoot and promote it in a targeted way
  • year-round attention through promotion periods lasting months
  • thematic Collections for even more relevance and inspiration
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Grüner Schein
Grüner Schein

The project 'Ciclovia dei Parchi della Calabria' is a prime example of nature-based tourism. We wanted to communicate the launch of the offer in a target group-oriented way and therefore decided to use komoot. We are currently working on the creation of further content, because there's still so much to discover.

Palmarosa Fuccella
Communication strategy creator and official guide for the Ciclovia Parchi CalbriaCiclovia dei Parchi Calabria
Grüner Schein

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