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komoot at the Outdoor Strategy Day of Schwarzwald Tourismus

In mid-June, we were invited to participate in a partner event by Schwarzwald Tourismus. We shared interesting facts about komoot and our community. What’s more, we provided Schwarzwald Tourismus’ stakeholders from the outdoor world with insights on komoot user activities in the Black Forest region.

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An informative day at Lake Titisee for Schwarzwald Tourismus

Monday, 12 June, was a particularly interesting start to the week for Schwarzwald Tourismus. The “STG Schwarzwald Outdoor Strategy Day” took place at Lake Titisee. Around 60 participants attended the event, among them the tourism association’s major stakeholders from the outdoor world. The one-day event focused on fine-tuning the outdoor strategy of Schwarzwald Tourismus as well as on networking.

As one of Schwarzwald Tourismus’ long-term partners, we were invited to participate in the event. We shared fascinating facts about komoot and our community during an inspiring keynote speech.

The Outdoor Strategy Day in a nutshell

Right at the start, participants received insights and inspiration by Iris and Oliver of komoot, Georg Haas, meteorologist at and Matthias Hatt, CEO of LEKI. After a joint workshop and lunch break, the new strategic focus was defined. Those who were up for it topped off the productive day with a joint hike. How about trying the tour yourself?

The event was kicked off by Iris and Oliver of komoot. They presented interesting facts about the outdoor platform as well as exclusive data insights. The participants of the Strategy Day received insights into the activities of users in the Black Forest region, for instance on last year’s most popular sports. In addition, facts and figures were presented on the average distance, altitude difference, minutes in motion and guests ’country of origin for every sport.

Iris and Oliver also pointed out the fact that many outdoor enthusiasts practice multiple sports. Whether it’s hiking or cycling: komoot is the perfect one-stop shop for multisport inspiration. To find out how often outdoor fans use our app, check out our article “komoot is the top multisport app for inspiration and navigation purposes” .

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Impressions of the event

Our take on the event

In the end, everyone agreed: The Outdoor Strategy Day was a complete success! The 60 participants particularly enjoyed the varied agenda: The three keynote speeches by komoot, and LEKI were followed by workshops that provided plenty of new input and motivation on the future development of the products “Hiking” “Cycling” and “Winter”.

During the keynote speech, numerous questions by the audience showed the great interest in the komoot community. Attendants were particularly keen on learning more about the komoot Academy, OSM maps and visitor guidance. The new insights from the keynote speeches were put into practice during the workshops. Many guests also seized the workshop phase to talk to Iris and Oliver and to give them feedback.

For instance, one workshop participant told us that “It’s obvious that you’re totally passionate about your product and the community and that you love what you do.” A feedback that we really appreciate and that underlines the importance of the ongoing exchange with our partners!

Schwarzwald Tourismus & komoot

Schwarzwald Tourismus has been active on komoot since 2018, making use of Sponsored Collections and other features to draw attention to their region. In our best practice section, you can find out about previous successes of Schwarzwald Tourismus and komoot over the past years.

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Best Practice

Schwarzwald Tourismus

Since 2018, we have been using komoot successfully for digital visitor guidance and online marketing. In the meantime, we have a community manager who ensures that the Tour content stays up-to-date.

Hansjörg Mair
Managing Director Schwarzwald Tourismus
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Partnerships with komoot

We care about long-term partnerships. We value the constant exchange with our customers from different industries, and we enjoy sharing important insights at events. If you’re interested in fascinating data insights about your target group as well, get in touch with us!

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