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komoot is the most widely used app for inspiration and navigation among outdoor enthusiasts

Results of recent studies show that komoot is the most popular source of inspiration and navigation among German hikers and cyclists. In a survey conducted by Deutscher Wanderverband (German Hiking Association), 56 % of 3,000 participating hikers said they were using apps. 80 % of them used komoot. Of the 12,500 participants in the ADFC Bicycle Travel Analysis, 67.5 % said there were using apps. 76 % of participants used komoot.

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The role of outdoor platforms in hiking and cycling

For many adventure seekers, outdoor platforms are the ultimate “must-have”. They use them as a source of inspiration for upcoming trips as well as for navigation purposes on site. This is also underlined by the results of the recent surveys conducted by Deutscher Wanderverband and ADFC (German National Cyclists’ Association).

The studies also showed that komoot is getting more and more popular among cyclists as well as hikers. And that’s not surprising, considering that komoot is a multisport app. This fact is particularly important as the majority of the community practices two types of sports.

Results of the Deutscher Wanderverband survey

From June to September 2022, the German Hiking Association conducted a Hiking Study with an outcome of around 3,000 usable results. About two thirds of participants said they went hiking several times a month – a fact that once again shows how popular outdoor explorations on foot have become.

In addition, the study revealed other interesting facts:

  • 56 % of participants use hiking apps for navigation purposes – a trend that’s steadily increasing.
  • With around 80 %, komoot is the most frequently used app during hiking tours.
  • 43.3 % of participants use hiking apps as a source of information during the research phase.
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Cyclists love komoot

Between November 2022 and January 2023, the ADFC conducted their annual Bicycle Travel Analysis. The survey defines “cycle tourists” as cyclists who have gone on at least one cycle trip during the past three years. To reach the relevant target group, the online survey was conducted via various ADFC channels. The outcome of the survey was based on a total of 12,536 completed questionnaires.

The survey revealed the following interesting facts:

  • The usage of apps for planning upcoming trips has increased significantly over the past year, rising to 48.1 % (as opposed to 41 % the previous year).
  • During cycling trips, apps are the second most popular (67.5 %) means of information, following local signposting (68 %). Of all used platforms, komoot is the most popular one with 76 % (10 % more than the previous year).
  • Compared to the previous year, printed cycling maps are no longer as relevant as a source of inspiration for cycling trips, but at 28,6 % they are still popular. Tip by komoot: Did you know that you can make printed maps from your komoot tours?
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Results of the ADFC Bicycle Travel Analysis


komoot is increasingly popular as a source of inspiration & navigation

Both studies show that apps such as komoot are getting more and more popular. For many outdoor adventures, they already are the number one source of inspiration. Plus, they provide a useful means of navigation during your tour. Tourism professionals, outdoor brands, conservation organisations and public transport services benefit from komoot’s growing popularity in various ways:

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komoot used in Germany and beyond

German cyclists also like to cycle in other countries. According to the ADFC Bicycle Travel Analysis, Italy, Austria, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland are the most popular foreign cycling destinations. The komoot platform is available worldwide, allowing you to reach users from Germany and beyond and to provide them with relevant content during their inspiration phase.

For instance, Sponsored Collections are a great way to present your target audience with select tours. They allow the community to interact with your content, to like, share and save it. During their trip, outdoor enthusiasts can use the routes on komoot as a means of navigation.

Did you know? The komoot Academy is now also available in English!

Grüner Schein
Grüner Schein

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